The clubhouse is wheelchair accessible. Club members also have personal access to the clubhouse’s two indoor firing ranges and washrooms. Members can also keep up to date on the latest news via upcoming events board that will notify them of any meetings or competitions.

 Our Ranges

For the really windy wet rainy days or for when it is really frosty outside we also have two 50ft indoor ranges for archery, air guns, 22LR cal. rifles and handguns, and other handguns chambered in standard handgun calibers (Note: No magnum ammunition allowed).

For those who enjoy the quiet sport of archery; we have multiple 3-D targets set up on a two part (upper and lower) trail circuit for a total of 730 yards. Just outside of the entrance to the 3-D trail circuit, we also have some stationary “practice-type” targets that are set up as part of our archery range.

Our handgun shooters have at their disposal a covered twelve- position 25 yd / 50 yd outdoor ranges as well as another smaller range.

We also have a 50yd, 100yd, and a 200yd range for the rifle shooters. There are future plans for alterations to the firing line so that there can be several firing points for all three(50, 100, 200 yd) ranges.

And for those who prefer the scattergun (shotgun) sports we have a sporting clays range, a trap range, and a skeet range.