We do have a club policy where new applicants must have a formal tour of the place prior to their application being accepted. We do not operate probationary shoots. You become a full member once you have taken the tour AND completed the ‘club safety course’. The ‘club safety course’ is required for all new members even those that ‘carry’ as part of their job requirement or those that may be range officers or instructors themselves. Annual memberships are $200.00 per individual and $235.00 per family membership (includes a couple as well as children up to 18 yrs and/or up to 21 yrs if attending school full time). Family memberships are only required if any of those members of the family have their own POL/PAL. A formal tour of the facilities is required before an application will be accepted. Please email us at to make an appointment. For a copy of the membership form Click here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


We also have several members who are qualified PAL and/or Hunter Safety Instructors as well as having a few members who are certified verifiers. For contact information Click here.